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Fort McMurray, Alberta

The Fort McMurray fire that swept Alberta in the spring of 2016 was a devestating fire causing $3.58 billion dollars in insured damages through the destruction of roughly 2,400 buildings. The presence of many campers during the spring season, and the absence of...

House Fire, Brockville ON

Some people may consider themselves “paranoid” about making sure their smoke detectors are working, but this so-called paranoia likely will save lives. Proper smoke alarm maintenance and installation definitely  saved a Brockville families lives in a house fire....

First Full-Time Female Firefighter

After working in the Brockville Fire Department’s dispatch center for five years Sarah Durant decided to take a three-year firefighting course at Lambton College in Sarnia to pursue her dream of firefighting. She finished with a double major in protection and...

Family Fireworks

A 41 year old man in Fargo, North Dakota was decapitated by a low hazard firework on the 4th of July in 2011. In an attempt to light one of the fireworks he didn’t think he lit, the firework set off and decapitated him in front of his entire family and neighbours. In...
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