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Cumber Close, Malbourough UK

A small house fire broke out in Malbourough, UK early in the morning of May 16th, 2017. The cause of the fire was quickly dicovered to be due to a cigarette. A cigarette left smoldering on the couch in the living room quickly turned into an uncontrollable fire. Proper...

North York Rooming House Charged

A 47 year old woman was left dead after the outbreak of a fire in a North York rooming house. The owners of the rooming house have been charged with several fire code violations due to the absence of a fire-alarm system and a fire safety plan along with the additional...

Oneida House Fire

A house fire on the Oneida of the Thames First Nations that took places in the winter of 2016 has been said to have been started by one o the young children living in the house. This house fire killed all the residents living inside, a total of five people. Young...

Fort McMurray, Alberta

The Fort McMurray fire that swept Alberta in the spring of 2016 was a devestating fire causing $3.58 billion dollars in insured damages through the destruction of roughly 2,400 buildings. The presence of many campers during the spring season, and the absence of...
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