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The Administration of the Brockville Fire Department is comprised of the Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, and Administrative Coordinator. Our current Fire Chief is Ghislain Pigeon, Deputy Fire Chief is Renny Rayner and our Administrative Coordinator is Emily Johnston. The offices of the Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief and Administrative Coordinator are all located at Fire Station No. 2, 360 Laurier Boulevard. It is the responsibilities of these individuals to develop, implement, and oversee the direction of this department.

Fire Suppression Division – Firefighters

The Firefighters of the Brockville Fire Department play an extremely important role in keeping the community safe. In addition to fighting fires, Firefighters perform an extensive list of other responsibilities necessary for the health and safety of the community. These skills include; auto extrication, defibrillation, emergency planning, hazardous materials, water/ice rescue, confined space rescue, fire safety education, fire places and wood stoves, fire cause determination and investigation, training to industries and training other fire departments.

Fire Prevention Division

Fire Prevention consists of our Chief Prevention Officer, Greg Healy, and the Fire Prevention Officer, Matt Tyo. As a team they have the responsibility to enforce the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code. The Fire Protection and Fire Prevention Act, relevant sections of the Ontario Building Code and other applicable and referenced standards are used to ensure a minimum level of life safety is maintained in the various occupancies of the city. Inspections are done as requested by legal firms, insurance and mortgage agents as well as on a regular basis and upon complaint. The fire prevention division works hard to educate the public on fire safety to prevent the outbreak of fires. In addition, the Fire Prevention Division also works extremely hard to determine the cause of a fire. Determining the cause of a fire helps us develop and implement educational programs to prevent future fires of the same nature from happening.

Communication Division

The Communications Division of the Brockville Fire Department has four fulltime and two part-time personnel who dispatch all emergency calls to 13 Fire Departments. These people are responsible for information gathering at the time of the call, dispatching the correct department and giving directions to locations for the responding firefighters. These Dispatchers continue to support the on scene departments by contacting police, ambulance, or utilities as required by the Incident Commander. These Dispatchers also page out and request addition help from surrounding departments as requested. Keeping a chronological record of events as they happen and documenting arriving units is also a requirement of the Dispatcher’s duties.

The Communication Division also acts as the “after hours” call center for other City of Brockville departments. It is through this service that after hours calls for Animal Control, City Works and all other city services are paged out to accommodate the needs of the citizens of Brockville.

Training Division

The Training Division is responsible for not only the training of Firefighters themselves but is also responsible for the training of small businesses and industries that require the fire safety training of their staff. The Training Division ensures that the physical ability of all Firefighters is pristine and is maintained throughout the duration of their career as a Firefighter. This requires organizing several physical abilities tests and constantly monitoring the changes to the training rules and regulations.

Ghislain Pigeon

Fire Chief

(613)-498-1261 ext. 2501

Renny Rayner

Deputy Fire Chief

(613)-498-1261 ext. 2502

Emily Johnston

Administrative Coordinator

(613)-498-1261 ext. 2503

Greg Healy

Chief Fire Prevention Officer

(613)-498-1261 ext. 2518

Matt Tyo

Fire Prevention Officer

(613)-498-1261 ext. 2520

Kyle Karasiuk

Training Officer

(613)-498-1261 ext. 2515

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