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Trucks As Teaching Tools, Brockville Ontario

It’s put in its time in service of the community; now, this 20-year-old Brockville Fire Department war horse may dedicate the rest of its days to teaching. Brockville council is expected to vote next week on a motion to donate a retired 1997 pumper truck to St....

Young Hero, Brockville Ontario

A young boy in the city of Brockville has saved a man life. Ten-year-old Jamison Laurin knew something was wrong when the fire alarm was not shutting off in an apartment unit down the hall from where his mother lives. Jamison ventured down the hall, wondering about...

Cumber Close, Malbourough UK

A small house fire broke out in Malbourough, UK early in the morning of May 16th, 2017. The cause of the fire was quickly dicovered to be due to a cigarette. A cigarette left smoldering on the couch in the living room quickly turned into an uncontrollable fire. Proper...

North York Rooming House Charged

A 47 year old woman was left dead after the outbreak of a fire in a North York rooming house. The owners of the rooming house have been charged with several fire code violations due to the absence of a fire-alarm system and a fire safety plan along with the additional...

Oneida House Fire

A house fire on the Oneida of the Thames First Nations that took places in the winter of 2016 has been said to have been started by one o the young children living in the house. This house fire killed all the residents living inside, a total of five people. Young...
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